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AfterVice- A Hot Pepper Challenge! With Stand up comedian Luke Rothschild!

We do an Aftervice episode with guest & local comic Luke Rothschild (@Lukerothschild94) as he joins Walter “Wojo” Deptuch (@Brojodeathpunch) and our buddy Stephen Pumilia (@Pums142) as they part-take in eating a spicy hot pepper. Listen (or go to the Youtube to watch) to hear if one the three taps out (maybe about 3 minutes in?). Also check out Luke’s show at the Scratch Lounge in Wappingers, NY! Follow Luke Rothschild at: @LukeRothschild94 Follow Walter at: @BrojoDeathpunch Follow Stephen at: @Pums142 Follow the podcast on twitter: @draftvice on Instagram: @draftvice_football https://www.facebook.com/Draftvice/ https://www.facebook.com/Luke-Rothsch…

Luke, Walter and Steve try to carry on an Aftervice session with a hot challenging twist. Luke brought hot peppers and our hosts try to keep the interview going with Luke while they deal with the callenge of the #SpicyRedPepper #HotPepper – we also try to talk about Luke’s influences, some fun places to do comedy in the scene and the pain of this crazy hot pepper. It’s a free ball free for all on AfterVice! #Standupcomedy #Standupcomics #comedy #Peppers #HellInYourMouth #Tapout #HotPepperChallenge #SpicyMeatball #HighwayRobbery Aftervice is a Draftvice spinoff podcast that we do to help promote some of the local comics in the Stand up comedy scene who are not deeply into football- this gives us a way to do more with our friends in the local comedy community to help promote them, their shows, podcasts and pages.

Also it gives us an opportunity to learn more about the stand ups and their background. Please tune in and let us know if you are interested in more Aftervice episodes! We’ll try to bring on more Stand up comedians from the Hudson Valley, Rockland County, New Jersey and Greater New York City area as the podcast and videos grow.

Draftvice- Fastfood draft! With Stand up comedian Luke Rothschild!Also, Preseason woes, trades & more!


This week Draftvice features guest & local comic Luke Rothschild (@Lukerothschild94) as he joins Walter “Wojo” Deptuch (@Brojodeathpunch) and our buddy Stephen Pumilia (@Pums142) in drafting fast food and fast casual chain restaurants. Then Walter spends 10 minutes breaking down the football news of the week- including preseason action, recent injuries & trades!

Follow Luke Rothschild at: @LukeRothschild94 &  https://www.facebook.com/Luke-Rothsch…

Another “fun draft”- this time the crew is drafting fast food and quick service franchises. What will each person’s strategy be in drafting their 5 franchises? Quality? income? What franchise gets drafted first? Also, how does the order get picked this time? What round does Florida man go in? Does anyone draft based on hotness of the women who work at these places? The Strategies are wild on this episode of Draftvice!

Then Walter drops 15 minutes of NFL news (this is a football show) with some preseason thoughts on Baker Mayfield’s Browns v. Dwayne Haskins double interception evening for the #Redskins. Then its over to Giants/Jets, where we get an idea of how much Crowder will be involved for the Jets and a glimpse of Daniel Jones playing NFL football. Bounce on over to #Cardinals/#Chargers and get to see the No. 1 pick in action. Walter gives some analysis of Rosen’s performance, and his work with Preston Williams, in #Dolphins/#Falcons. We wrap up the preseason with #BuffaloBills v. colts as we get to see a snapshot of Josh Allen in year 2 of the NFL. Wrap up with some Injury news dealing with Antonio Brown (and the wrap up of his helmet situation) and how#49ers Jerrick McKinnon might start the season out on IR. Some trades were made as the JEts keep improving the O-line and Duke Johnson has a new team in the #HoustonTexans. Lastly, the #WashingtonRedskins medical drama is worse than an #ABC sitcom as Sua Cravens goes to twitter to discuss his previous woes with the team. This can becomes not just a bad look for the #Redskins but the #NFL in general.