Draftvice- A Cartoon draft! With Comedian Ryan Lodge & contributor Joe Yannucci! Luck hurts, AB on the brain, Clowney up 4 Trade?

Draftvice- A Cartoon draft! With Comedian Ryan Lodge! Luck hurts, AB on the brain, Clowney up 4 Trade? (Click for iTunes episode)

This week Draftvice features guest & local comedian Ryan Lodge (@Lolodge2014) as he joins Walter “Wojo” Deptuch (@Brojodeathpunch) and our buddy Joseph Yannucci (@SayMrBeefy) in drafting Cartoon Characters. Then the group spends some time breaking down the football news of the week- including the Andrew Luck injury sage part 12, the next level of the Antonio brown Helmet drama & more!

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Another “fun draft”- this time the crew is drafting the cartoon characters of our childhood …and adulthood? What will each person’s strategy be in drafting their 5 cartoon characters? Quality? Income? Sexiness? What character gets drafted first? Also, how does the order get picked this time? What round does the first Disney character go in? Does anyone draft based the ability to win a fight? The #strategies are wild on this episode of Draftvice! Then the trio talks about some major NFL news going on, including what the hell is going on with Andrew Luck’s leg? Will it affect his in season status?

Then we move to discussing Antonio Brown’s grievance with his old helmet and the NFL, his threats to retire & does he really mean it? We’re still questioning which major Runningback hold out (Zeke or Gordon) will last until the season. Texans are shopping former first round pick, Jadaveon Clowney! Is Dante Pettis still in line to be a starter for the 49ers? Also, Derrius Guice has not yet been cleared to play!

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