2020 NFL Draft- Offensive Tackle Rankings

Offensive Tackle Rankings

By Walter Deptuch (@BrojoDeathpunch)

The NFL Draft is nearly here- so I present my Rankings

Jedrick Wills, OT1. We start out with Alabama Right Tackle Jedrick Wills, the best Tackle prospect in this draft class. He mirrors well, seeks contact and is dominant in the run game. He engages well.  Watching him get to the second level of a block is pure beauty. His get-off in run game is something else… Good recovery in pass blocking, I honestly don’t see a weakness on film. He is a mauler and has an intense attitude- helmet came off one play and he still kept blocking 10 yards down field. This guy is in a tier of his own. (Tier 1- top 10 pick)

Tier 2 (First Round Pick)

Andrew Thomas is Offensive Tackle 2- His multiple years on the Georgia Bulldogs offensive line has prepared him well to be an NFL Left Tackle. Very good pass protector and while not the level of runblocker Wills is- he is very solid in the run game. He is always looking for contact. Gets the job done in pass protection- even when it looks like he may not. Very good mental make up and awareness for the position- you see this when he is passing off stunts- engages blockers very well. (Tier 2- first round)

Tristant Wirfs of Iowa is OT3 in my imaginary book. Very good mover- mirrors well and  he’s a very good blocker in space. Guys with alot more power gave him slightly more trouble but never to the extent I’d be worried. Often finds his ancor after initial contact. Good awareness, good hands- throws a solid punch. Love getting this guy in space and pulling him across the formation. I’m not worried about his translation to the NFL and I wouldn’t be pigeon-holing him to guard. (Tier 2- first round)

Tier 3 (Bottom of First- Top of Second)

Josh Jones starts out my next tier of offensive Tackles at OT4. He ends up on the ground every once in a while (but so do a couple of the next few prospects). Still, once he settles in- you see what he can be at offensive tackle. Another prospect who is good in space- and the team moved him across the formation. Not worried about his ancor against the bull rush nor am I worried about him getting beat on the edge around the outside. He is a decent runblocker and pass protector- best fit is in an outside zone scheme, a team with an extensive screen game, get him some reach blocks or get him in space. A team like Kansas City will love what he can do in the screen game. 

Mekhi Becton rounds out the top 5 Tackle prospects in this draft. Athletic “Dancing Bear”. Has a good initial set- shows good bend, good movement and gets low for a big fella. Unfortunately, because of Louisville’s offense- we never got to see him truly challenged on alot of drop backs (lots of screens, options, endarounds) and even when he was-it wasn’t always perfect. Lost the reps where defenders knew they were teeing off-still he won a few of those as well. Not sure of level of awareness-offense didn’t ask much of him.  Mirrors very well in pass pro and its very easy to see with his movement skills- that if he went to the right coaching staff, the sky is the limit. (Tier 3- second half of first, top of second) 

Tier 4- second round

And so ends my first round prospects at offensive tackle. This next tier (Tier 4) of tackle should be looked liked Ben & Jerry’s Flavors.

We start with our second Georgia Bulldog Isaiah Wilson–  where he played a high lever of competition and we know where he wins, know where he losers. Strong anchor- if he gets beat, he gets beat to the outside. Best as gap power run blocker of the tier. I could see you Detroit, Miami and New England being interested in him. 

Lucas Niang, TCU Horned Frog, who might have been higher if not for injury. My guess is when he’s fully healthy he’s probably the best of this tier. In both pass protection and runblocking. He is also the most scheme diverse. Unfortunately the injury limits the ability to project. But if you look at his early season and last season tape you can project him out. 

Boise State Ezra Cleveland – who has a high ceiling… but also a realistic low floor. Seemed like he struggled with some pass pro issues but you can see what he can be. Similar to Kolton Miller, Brians O’neil, Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson- he can definitely deveople into a plus starter. My issue- doesn’t seek contact. Anchor is okay and seems like he could be good in space but really doesnt do anything with the opportunity in space.

Prince Tego of  Auburn odd man in this tear. Not best, or high upside pick. Went up against the tougher rushers for Auburn and held his own very well. Scheme makes it hard to fully assess but we do get some tru pass sets. Wasn’t a great runblocker but very solid in pass pro. I could see the LA Rams being interested at the end of the second round top of third. I see him as a  Dion Dawkins level tier in the NFL.

Tier 5- Third Round

Trey Adams Of Washington Huskie- people talked about this man as a first rond pick last year. He missed 10 games in 2018 because of a back injury- Ohio state game is when he’s coming off of the injury… even still, held up “okayish” against Chase young and even showed some really good reps towards end of game. While 2019 didn’t give us a chance to watch him be what people hoped. Still- his pass blocking is pretty good. He’s actually a better run blocker than prince Tego.. Needs to stop ending up on the ground.

Austin Jackson, USC, gave you some tape against true NFL Players and well… it was tape. AJ Epenesa and him had a battle going on and while he looked like he could win in it in the first half. AJ eventually gave him a headache going into the second half. Then you see him play Bradley Anae… OH boy! This tape makes you think he handle Epenesa well. Got beat around the edge and by counters 

Ben Barcht, St. John’s, small school prospect- tape looked like high school film sometimes. Dominated competition and showed well at the senior bowl. Still I can’t see any team spending higher than athird on the guy. Decent movement, and mirroring skills. Level of competition makes it lteenagers. Has hand placement questions. CU game- First time I saw him have to push a player around the arc of the pocket. Did really well. Ride defender out past the quarterback

Tier 6- Day 3 pick

Matt Pert, UCONN

Jeff Driscoll, Auburn

Saadiq Charlers, LSU


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