Raiders Soap Opera

Well, it finally got worse….I’ve been holding off for a while from writing about this idiot. He finally pissed the Raiders GM Mayock off to the point of where they finally benched his ass.

Earlier the news broke that Brown would be fined a total of $54,000 for missed practices that were mandatory and for breach of contract. Well I guess he wasn’t too thrilled with that decision. He took to Instragram taking shots at his new team. Pictured below…

The Raiders took quick action with news now breaking that they are now suspending him after Brown and Mayock got into some words over the post and fines. To be completely honest, I’m not even shocked it got to this point, Brown has a history of being a drama queen and a crybaby, absolute doink.

With all that said I’ve even see articles claiming the Raiders are currently looking at possible trades, somehow I think the Patriots will somehow get stuck with this fuckwad. And maybe even findings ways to get him back into free agency….who knows at this point….the next bit of major info to come out from idiot again….no worries, I’ll be here to shit on him again real soon

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