Phillthy Backups


So the Philadelphia Eagles managed to coax Josh McCown out of retirement. This team loves their backup QBs, starting with Big Dick Nick. That guy managed to get them thru the playoffs and eventually a Super Bowl title against my Pats back in ‘17 after signing a 2 year contract that March. However after that historic Philthy win that caused fans to proceed to eat horse shit off the streets….the Eagles revised his contract with a $2 Million bonus along with incentives if he started any games. Plus the dude got a pretty sweet statue of himself sitting at the Lincs front steps. But after Wentz sustaining a back injury getting out of bed or something, Foles helped them make the wildcard in the ‘18 season only to get knocked out by the Saints in the second playoff week.

Fast forward to the Patriots 6th title in Feb of this year….the Eagles and Nick Foles decided to part ways with Big Dick Nick opting for free agency to then sign with Jacksonville that March. NOW, do I think the Eagles fucked up letting the league vet go? ABSOLUTELY! The fan base wants a seasoned vet behind their RG3 situation of a QB Wentz. They got McCown on a 1 year deal worth $5.4 Million with 2 of that guaranteed. I don’t think they’ll try to hook him long term, he’s more of just a buffer until they find someone permanent.

With all that being said….get your use with Wentz while you can this fantasy season. Its really only a matter of time before he gets hurt again, and you get McCown starting for him. Keep your eyes on the waivers for him, cuz Wentz is trash.







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