This fucking team! At the time of writing this, it’s been roughly 24 hours since Josh Gordon has been reinstated by the NFL after only filing 9 days prior. That clown (aka Roger Goodell) was quoted in saying “We’re all rooting for Josh to succeed”. Is this showing signs of the league becoming more lax about specific drug use….? Maybe, who knows.

Josh Gordon was a massive target for Brady thru the ’18 season. He had 40 Rec for 720 yards resulting in 3 TDs for the season before his late season suspension. Josh DID receive his Super Bowl ring for being such an important part of Brady’s offense. The way I see it, this probably lit quite the fire up under his ass. He’s since gotten into gear, hit the gym and looks fuckin ripped and ready to play. As a Pats fan i hope he has a blowout season.

Now Belichick released a statement putting the celebration on hold for the moment…If you’re a Pats fan, don’t freak…this probably means that since his suspension he’s been restricted from any contact with teammates and coaches and facilities. Belichick I’m sure has his reservations and wants to meet Gordon before throwing him back in the mix, and getting him on the practice field to see what the fuck is up, see if he’s mentally prepared to fuck things up for defenses.

Now with all that being said, as much as i hate Goodell, i have to commend him for not being a total ass clown. And I would definitely rank Gordon as a top 3 pick by the time the fantasy drafts go underway.

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