Antonio’s Helmetgate

So….where do I even begin with this guy? Yes he is an extremely talented wide receiver. He lead the league in receiving yards in 2014 and 2017. And back in 2013 he was the ONLY wide receiver to hit 5 receptions for at least 50 yrds in every single game that season. He was drafted by the Steelers in 2010, and by the middle of the ‘18 season, he was demanding a trade because he’s a baby man.

Now he finally gets traded to the Raiders, which is where most guys go when they’re towards the end of their careers. And their is no way he doesn’t know that…they’ve been a joke for years, and Derek Carr has played like a struggling second string, at best! And this brings us to Antonio Brown and his stupid mouth, saying what he can to get an article….so here’s mine…

Leading up to training camp this 2019 season, Antonio Brown has been pretty vocal about his issues with the new helmet he’s been issued. Brown has threatened retirement and then denied it. He’s gone as far to even paint an old Steelers helmet to look like Raiders colors to sneak it into practice, and offer fans autographed gear for newer models of the same exact helmet after finding a “loophole”. But this past weekend the NFL finally tried to put the nail in the coffin.

The helmet that Brown supplied for test was made in 2014, and it failed the testing. He then proceeded to slam the NFL on twitter saying “NFL N****s For Life! Super prejudice. Unbelievable.” Every player in the league with outdated/unsafe helmets is being forced to switch over. After filing a motion which was denied with the league to have his helmet grandfathered in for this season, Tom Brady will now be sporting a new helmet.

This is a losing battle for Brown….he just doesn’t seem to understand it…don’t be surprised if it affects his on the field action, don’t rank him too high in your drafts, he’s one that will certainly drop down and you could pick him up later. If you think he’s shown zero signs of CTE, just remember that he thought the photo above was a good look.


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